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Changing Accounts From Tenant/Owner to Owner

Post Date:08/19/2016 2:13 PM

On August 22, 2016 there will be a Council Meeting during which, "First Read of Ordinance C-878 Amending AHMC 13.04 and 13.06, and creating a new section, 13.02" will be discussed. This item talks about changing the utility account process so that only property owners will have utility accounts with the City, and no longer will tenants have the ability to set up accounts under their name.

The main reasons for this change are as follows:

  • Not all property management companies check to see if water and sewer bills are paid.
  • Keeps the City out of the middle of tenant/owner disputes
  • Out of state rental companies are hard to collect from
  • Defines very clearly who is responsible for the bill
  • No final reads, no new accounts for new tenants
  • We will no longer have to collect deposits / refund deposits
  • Processing backflow letters and payments will be easier
If Ordinance C-878 passes, the way that this process would take place is that as a tenant moves out, the account would then be transferred to the owner. After a year, the City would go through all of our accounts and transfer the remaining tenant accounts over to the owner.
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