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City Council


Mayor, Kevin KevinRichey grew up in Walla Walla. After four years in the US Air Force, he and his wife Valerie moved to the Spokane area in 2000. They moved to Airway Heights January of 2007. They have 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls, his oldest boy his currently serving in the USMC. Kevin has been serving on the city council since 2008. He worked for the Spokane Transit Authority for two years before beginning his career in law enforcement with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in 2003. He is currently a Detective in the Major Crimes Domestic Violence Unit. By serving on the city council Kevin hopes to help promote pride in the community and improve the quality of life for its residents. “I feel that my experience in public service and law enforcement will be a great asset to the community, especially in the arena of public safety and civic pride. The city of Airway Heights continues to grow. It is important to ensure public safety and infrastructure keeps pace with growth to maintain the quality of life our city has come to enjoy. I have been honored to serve on council for the past 9 years including my time as your Mayor.” 

 TanyaDeputy Mayor, Tanya Dashiell, In 2007, Tanya Dashiell’s career brought her to the city of Airway Heights. During an impromptu visit from Mayor Matthew Pederson, she was asked to consider a position on the city’s Planning Commission which she was honored to accept. During her service on the Planning Commission, Miss Dashiell has become aware of the wonderful potentials our city has, especially the capacity to grow and create a more involved citizenship from its community. Miss Dashiell has worked for a local community bank for over 10 years and hails from the small town of Hunters, Washington. There are many goals and objectives the City Council must work together to achieve; working cohesively with our city employees, community and council, Miss Dashiell will strive to continually enhance the quality of life in Airway Heights.

SteveCouncilmember, Steve Lawrence, Steve has lived in Airway Heights since 1974. He attended Sunset, Cheney Jr and Cheney High. Currently married and raising his 3 children in Airway Heights, he decided to run for City Council when he learned there was going to be 2 openings as he wanted to give back to the community in which he was raised. In his second term as a council member, Steve feels that being on the Council is the right step in being able to give back to his community.



Aspen Councilmember Aspen Monteleone, Councilmember Monteleone arrived from Las Vegas, Nv in 2014, where she served in the Air Force as a Munitions Inspector for 8 Years. She has twin daughters and is currently a stay at home mom, while working towards her bachelors in Biblical and Theological Studies at Liberty University. After arriving to Airway Heights she became interested in the community and started serving on the City Planning Commission.  From that experience a passion for the community and to bring change developed. Councilwomen Monteleone has a desire to promote food security, community relationships and involvement, as well as a place for the children of this community to connect and grow.


LarryCouncilmember Larry Bowman, Councilmember Bowman had grown up on the West Coast when he enlisted in the United States Air Force from his hometown of Olivehurst, California in 2001. Soon after, he found himself stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base as an Aerospace Repair technician. Mr. Bowman lived in the local area since arriving to Washington in 2002 and eventually settled in the City of Airway Heights in 2008. After multiple years of coaching youth sports for the city, he was asked to become more involved in the community in which he lived. He soon accepted an opportunity to be on the city’s Planning Commission that he eventually chaired. During his service on the Planning Commission, Mr. Bowman recognized the potential for even greater involvement and community service and eventually decided to run for City Council and was elected in November of 2015.

Mr. Bowman retired from the military in June of 2015 and decided to stay in the city of Airway Heights because of the love he has for his church and local community. He is a small-business owner in the local area and brings 14 plus years of program management as well as resource budgeting and accounting experience to the city. Mr. Bowman promotes economic and community growth through fiscal responsibility while simultaneously listening to the local needs of citizens of the city. Mr. Bowman strives to continually improve the quality of life for the residents of Airway Heights by advocating for the needs and wants of those who live here. His education includes a bachelor's of accounting, an associates in Aviation Maintenance Technology and an associates of Instructor of Technology and Military Science.


 DoyleCouncilmember Doyle Inman, Councilmember Inman has lived in Airway Heights permanently since 1992. He grew up in Spokane and graduated from Shadle Park High School. After serving in the Washington Air National Guard for over 35 years, he currently works in receiving at Walmart in Airway Heights. Doyle and his wife, Karen have 4 children, 3 adult children with 7 grandchildren and a 9 year old in the home. Councilmember Inman would like to encourage city wide improvements to include street improvements on the South side of the highway and additional structural improvements to the City parks. “The City is headed in the right direction with all that we are trying accomplish and I hope to help maintain our progress.”

DaveCouncilmember Dave Malet, Councilmember Dave Malet spent his early childhood in Spokane before moving to Seattle. He has many fond memories of living in Eastern Washington and moved to Airway Heights in 2005 while working in cable television industry. For the past 4 years Dave has been employed with the City in the Parks and Recreation Department, until his recent election to the City Council. He has had the opportunity to meet and work with many people in the community and is excited to be a part of Airway Heights and the future growth.

As a Councilmember he brings 35 years of experience as a small retail business owner, 10 years of experience in the cable television industry and years of experience in real estate. Dave appreciates and understands the importance of small businesses in our developing and emerging city. He is a retired Teamster Union member and was the union steward for the CWA. He believes strongly in equality in the workplace and fair wages. As a resident of Airway Heights and a member of the City Council, Dave plans to be involved in the community and to reach out to the residents for their valuable input on current events and issues. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or input you may have.


The end of each Councilmember's terms are as follows:

Position 1 (Mayor): December 31, 2017
Position 2 (Councilmember): December 31, 2017
Position 3 (Councilmember): December 31, 2019
Position 4 (Councilmember): December 31, 2017
Position 5 (Councilmember): December 31, 2019
Position 6 (Councilmember): December 31, 2017
Position 7 (Councilmember): December 31, 2019