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Airway Heights Seeks Federal American Job Act Funds
Published on May 17, 2021

The American Society of Civil Engineers scores America’s infrastructure a C- due to the lack of infrastructure investment. The Biden Administration released the American Jobs Plan March 31, 2021. The plan seeks to create additional jobs by investing in the country’s infrastructure. The plan targets investment into:

• Fixing highways, rebuilding bridges;
• Delivering clean drinking water, a renewed electric grid, and high-speed broadband;
• Building, preserving, and retrofitting homes and commercial buildings, modernizing schools and childcare facilities.

With a list of community-prioritized projects in hand that build quality of life for residents awaiting funding, the Airway Heights City Council requests federal assistance to perform six major projects. The City Council reviewed an assortment of projects from water, transportation, utilities, economic development, and housing. Each area contained projects that were prioritized by the public. After reviewing the potential projects and considering the congressional criteria for project selection, the City Council selected six major projects to pursue for federal funding.

The projects eyed for federal funds include:

• Water Resource Replacement- A request of $18,480,000 to replace the City’s domestic drinking water resources that were made unusable as a result of groundwater contamination from PFOA and PFOS.

• West Plains Connection- A request of 21,330,234 to construct the 6th /10th /12th corridor that is an alternative travel route for local commuters wishing to avoid congestion on U.S. Route 2. The project will serve pedestrians, bicyclist, and provide transit users a safe commute option through dedicated multimodal facilities, a slower speed street, appropriate traffic calming, and a route with context sensitive designs.

• Downtown Pedestrian / Bicycle Improvements- A request of $761,200 to complete gaps in the City’s pedestrian /bicycle transportation system. It includes three separate segments: 1) State Highway 2 from Lyons Road to Hayford Road, 2) Lundstrom Street from State Highway 2 to 12th Street, and 3) King Street 8th Street to 12th Street.

• Industrial Transportation Access- A request of $2,764,500 to extend Russell Street from U.S. Route 2 to McFarlane Road. This street extension promotes land use development and job creation through accessing undeveloped and undeveloped commercial and industrial properties south of U.S. Route 2.

• Industrial Utilities Extension- A request of $3,348,000 to extend public utilities to the southern portion of Russell Street from U.S. Route 2 to McFarlane Road. This area is a critical commercial/ industrial development area that has been restrictive for new development due to the lack of needed public infrastructure.

• Downtown Mixed Use Housing/Tourism Promotion- A request of $3,500,000 to conduct a feasibility study for mixed-use housing in the downtown area. The feasibility study will identify barriers to affordable housing and provide a strategy for increasing housing supply. This project will also fund a tourism promotion program that encourages more commercial uses in our downtown area.

The City Council considered numerous community minded projects in addition to those noted above and selected the six major projects above due to the project selection criteria contain within the American Job Plan Act. In total, the City Council identified and submitted a federal funding request for over $50 million in community identified projects.