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About Us


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Creating Community and Quality of Life Through People, Parks, & Programs.
13120 W. 13th Ave Airway Heights, WA. 99001 | (509) 244-4845 |


 Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for all residents, by providing a wide variety of quality and wholesome leisure activities that meet the community’s recreational needs and interests.  To promote a leisure services system that includes well maintained parks and public areas and remain committed to effectively utilizing all available resources to sustain the confidence of those we serve.

 Airway Heights Parks and Recreation Staff:

J.C. Kennedy: Parks, Recreation & Community Services Director

Andrew Gardner: Parks, Recreation & Community Services Supervisor

Glenn Pike: Parks Maintenance Coordinator

Glen Horton: Parks & Recreation Coordinator

Kody Hodgen: Recreation Assistant

Forest Bingham: Recreation Assistant

Michael Dinsmoor: Recreation Assistant

Lupita Castro: Recreation Assistant

Mika Norrish: Recreation Assistant

 Parks Advisory Board  Senior Advisory Commission  Youth Advisory Commission

Jacob Powers - President
Alissa Adams - Secretary
Sal Teresi
Jonathen Schrock (Pending Appt.)
Steven Titus (Pending Appt.)

Merlene Olmsted - Chair
Carol Matlock - Vice Chair
Sally Mount
Peggy Fitzpatrick
Sharon Macon

Cameron Teresi
Karlen Teresi



Our Vision

The Parks & Recreation Department strengthens our community's fabric, health and well being, economic base and security.  Airway Heights residents have long valued neighborhood and community parks as special natural places where they can relax, walk, meditate, enjoy family time, and seek spiritual renewal.  As our quality of life has been threatened by crime, family disintegration, and other modern pressures, the Airway Heights Parks and Recreation Department - in partnership with our School District, the Airway Heights Kiwanis Club, the Festival Association and other community-based organizations and business - has risen to the challenge, providing services to increase community health and stability.  Today, the Airway Heights Parks and Recreation Department provides much, more than recreation experiences. Through diverse and innovative programming, and broad partnerships, the Parks & Recreation Department plays an important role in creating a healthy community. 
WE Strengthen Community Image & Sense of Place Parks & Recreation facilities, programs and community events are key factors in strengthening community image and creating a sense of place.
WE Support Economic Development Parks & Recreation programs and facilities attract and retain businesses & residents, as well as tourists.  Parks and recreation generates income for the community and for local businesses.
WE Strengthen Safety & Security Park and Recreation professionals provide safe environments for recreation activities and design programs & services specifically to reduce criminal activity.
WE Promote Health & Wellness Participation in recreation activities improves physical, social and emotional health that positively impacts community health and wellness.
WE Foster Human Development Parks & Rec services foster social, intellectual, physical & emotional development.
WE Increase Cultural Unity Parks & Recreation increases cultural unity through experiences that promote cultural understanding and celebrate diversity.
WE Protect Environmental Resources By acquiring and protecting valuable areas as open space, greenways, areas, and natural resources are protected and habitat required for the survival of diverse species is preserved. WE Provide Recreational Experiences Through programmed and self-facilitated recreation, a variety of benefits to individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities are achieved.  Recreational experiences are important as an end in themselves for personal enjoyment.
WE Facilitate Community Problem Solving  Park and Recreation professionals possess facilitation and leadership skills that can be applied to resolve community problems and issues.

Parks and Recreation in Airway Heights provides the Space to Learn & Play, to be Safe & Secure, and to Create & Imagine

"We provide the place, space and experiences that build high self-esteem and the feeling of living a full life..." "We should be the first choice for Health and Wellness.  We are the most proactive and economical solution for people of all ages and abilities to Stay Healthy and Happy"

Non-Discrimination Policy:
In accordance with applicable Federal and State law, Airway Heights Parks & Recreation Department does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, or disability. This policy applies to the operation, conduct, or and administration of community programs for youth and adults. Sponsoring organizations requesting the use of Airway Heights Parks and Recreation facilities are required to comply with this policy.


The Value of Parks & Recreation

A message from the Washington Recreation & Park Association

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