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Draft Municipal Codes


City of Airway Heights 2020 Zoning Map Amendment

Cities planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA)(RCW) 36.70A are required to adopt a comprehensive plan and development regulations that are consistent with and implement the compressive plan consistent with RCW 36.70A.070A.040(4)(D). The City of Airway Heights is proposing amendments to the 2018 Zoning Map to ensure consistency with the 2020 City of Airway Heights Comprehensive Plan. To view the current 2018 Zoning Map, as well as, the proposed 2020 Zoning Map, please use the below links:

Current 2018 Zoning Map

Proposed 2020 Zoning Map

For details on the proposed amendments, please see the below PowerPoint presentation:

City of Airway Heights 2020 Zoning Map Amendments Presentation  

On Wednesday, January 13th at 6:00 p.m. the Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on the proposed 2020 Zoning Map amendment and taking public comment.  To participate in the Planning Commission hearing, which will be held through Zoom, please use the following link:


Amendments to Airway Heights Municipal Code 17.21 Off-Street Parking and Loading

After review of other loading stall requirements at the City of Spokane and Spokane Valley, loading stall requirements for the City of Airway Heights were found to be longer and wider than these other jurisdictions. The City is moving forward with a zoning code text amendment to reduce the loading stall size, allowing for more compact loading stalls and site design.  The proposal is for amending AHMC 17.21 Off-Street Parking and Loading to reduce the required width and depth of a loading stall used for large vehicles to park and offload. The proposed changes include the following:

 "17.21.100  Required off-street loading.

A. It is the intent of this section to require all future commercial, business, institutional, or industrial developments to provide off-street loading facilities in order to guarantee full utilization of existing rights-of-way to accommodate present and future traffic demands. Off-street loading facilities are intended to provide adequate space to accommodate outside deliveries from large vehicles which cannot be functionally served by normal parking stalls. Off-street loading facilities must be located in such a manner that service vehicles do not block or intrude into public rights-of-way or block driveways or parking area circulation.

B. Location and Design.

1. All off-street loading spaces shall be designed to minimize impacts on adjacent properties.

2. In all cases, loading facilities shall be located on the same lot as the structure they are designed to serve. Required front or flanking street side yards cannot be used for loading, except as approved by the City Planner. Off-street loading space shall not be included in an area used to satisfy off-street parking requirements.

3. Loading spaces shall be designed and located so vehicles using these spaces do not project into any public right-of-way or otherwise extend beyond property lines.

4. Loading spaces shall be designed and built so no vehicles are required to back to or from an adjacent street, except for minor access for heavy trucking in industrial zones on local access streets.

C. When a proposed structure is intended to be used concurrently for different purposes, final determination of required loading spaces shall be made by the City Planner, provided the loading requirements for the combined uses shall not be less than the total requirement for each separate use.

D. Off-street loading spaces shall measure 15 12 feet wide, 60 30 feet long, and 15 feet high; except, if this section requires only one off-street loading space, it may measure 12 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 14 feet, six inches high.

E. Off-street loading spaces must be paved.

F. The minimum number of off-street loading spaces shall be required according to the following table:"

On Monday, February 1st at 5:30 p.m. the City Council will be holding a public hearing on the proposed  amendment and taking public comment.  To participate in the City Council hearing, which will be held through Zoom and access by telephone, please use the following link on February 1st: