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Sub-Area Plans


Art Plan

In 2018 the City initiated the Public Art Plan planning process which was conducted by SCJ Alliance.  The creation of the Public Art Plan was realized after the adoption of the 2017 US 2 Corridor Plan followed by the city receiving a proposal from the Spokane Tribe for public art to be placed inside the roundabout just west of the city limits.  Coupled with this the knowledge that more roundabouts were planned to be built along the US 2 Corridor throughout town, with no public art plan or policy on record the city was unable to respond to any current or future proposals for art.   

The Public Art Plan is a tool for implementation of public art, in various mediums, and locations around Airway Heights.  The plan provides guidance on the types of installations (permanent and temporary) and policy to support the future development and implementation of the public art program and Arts Commission. Lastly, the plan provides a thorough understanding of the historic culture of Airway Heights providing a central identity, themes, and characteristics that serve as the foundation for public art in Airway Heights. To see the draft plan please click here: Draft Art Plan

On Monday, February 1st at 5:30 p.m., the City Council will take public comment on the draft Art Plan. To participate in the public hearing conducted through Zoom and by telephone, please go to the following link on January 18th: 

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Downtown Sub-Area Plan and Hwy 2 Corridor Development Standards

The City of Airway Heights is seeking feedback from our community and businesses on a Downtown Plan and new standards for commercial and housing development along Highway 2. You are invited to participate in the events listed here:  AWH Postcard Downtown Plan color 05.19.20 to let us know what Downtown Airway Heights should look like in the future.  The community and business input from these events will help shape our downtown and business areas.  The plan and development standards are scheduled to adopt in March 2021. For more information, please contact or call (509)244-2552.

Virtual Studio Workshop - Airway Heights Downtown Plan was held on August 19-20:  

Project Story website and Visual Preference Survey:

Day 1 Summary: Downtown Plan Studio Summary

Day 2 Summary: Studio Summary




Industrial Sub-Area Plan


The adopted Industrial Sub-Area Plan and feasibility study analyzed approximately 300 acres of industrial lands on the south end of the City of Airway Heights. The study assessed the practicality of future industrial development in the area, examining existing and future needs for infrastructure and utilities in order to support future growth. The study also includes an economic analysis of the region and identified target industries best suited for the subarea, given its geographic location and proximity to a vast network of transportation options. 

The subarea was designated an “industrial district,” as such the district and the city has great potential for development and regional commerce. The purpose of funding the subarea planning effort was to:

  • Understand the current city and regional economic position and demographics,
  • Determine the growth potential associated with full build out of the subarea, and
  • Develop a means to spark growth through infrastructure improvements, financing mechanisms, and marketing this potential on a local, regional, and national scale.

Learn more about the Industrial Plan by clicking here: Industrial Sub-Area Plan.  


US-2 Corridor Plan

The City of Airway Heights has developed and adopted a vision document for future roadway improvements along US-2. This plan seeks to provide multi-modal amenities as well as facilitate travel through the US-2 Corridor. To see the plan please click here: US-2 Cooridor Plan