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Backflow Program


To protect the public water system from possible backflow of water from services that have a potential for contaminants, a backflow assembly is required to be installed. Backflow assemblies assist in protecting all users of the public water system.

There is an informative pamphlet on the EPA Website that explains the hazards and reasons why the backflow control program is so important and also about the theory, methods and devices used to protect the public water system.

To ensure protection for everyone, all assemblies must be tested by a certified tester every year. The City of Airway Heights requires testers to file four documents with the City prior to testing assemblies. Documentation required is: City of Airway Heights Business License, Certificate of Liability Insurance, Certification of Calibration for testing equipment and current Backflow Assembly Tester Card.  We will provide a list of current testers who have met the above criteria and are eligible to provide backflow assembly testing in the City of Airway Heights each spring.

Please note if you choose to use another tester other than one listed, you must be sure that the documentation required by the City is on file prior to testing. If all documents are not on file, your test document will not be accepted and a retest will be required by a tester who has met the above criteria.

When scheduling a backflow assembly test, contact several testers for quotes and/or a group rate for possible savings.


Please note there is an additional filing fee of $15.00 that is due to City Hall for each assembly tested.  This is due when the test papers are turned in.


Per the below municipal code, we do reserve the right to discontinue your water service if your backflow is not tested each year.  It is your responsibility to facilitate the test and turn in your completed documentation prior to June 30th. 


13.12.090 Penalty.

Service to any premises receiving its water from the City public drinking water system shall be contingent upon compliance with all rules and regulations of the City. Service shall be discontinued to any premises for failure to comply with rules and regulations of the City. (Ord. C-240, 1991)