May 23, 2015
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FAFB Preservation & Community empowerment Project
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FAFB Preservation & Community empowerment Project

Welcome to the
FAFB Preservation & Community Empowerment Project
Information Page

This webpage has been established to provide interested parties information and updates regarding the City of Airway Heights' Fairchild Air Force Base (FAFB) Protection & Community Empowerment Project. Please check back for periodic updates to the information.

Project Summary:
Through this project, Airway Heights is seeking to provide alternative housing choices for  Airway Heights residents located to the south of SR-2 (Sunset Hwy), in the area defined as FAFB Accident Potential Zone (APZ) 2. There are over 350 residential units located in this area, which lies within the direct flight path of FAFB operations, and is a defined area of increased risk to the health and safety of residents from those aviation activities. The primary focus of the project at this time is to reduce the residential density in the APZ because of the health and safety concerns associated with residential units being located in the direct flight path of FAFB operations. The overflight activities create sound levels that can be detrimental to one's quality of life, as well as the increased risk from aircraft crashing in the area. They are also an encroachment concern for FAFB current and future mission profiles.

As part of the project, a "needs assessment" was performed to determine the specific needs of residents in the area, and the status of their existing housing. Over 80% of residents responded, and helped shaped the focus of the project. The City is proposing, over the next 3-5-years, to develop alternative housing choices for those residents within the CIty seeking to move out of the APZ and/or other substandard housing within the City. However, the City recognizes that each resident's specific needs are unique, and will be striving to develop new housing that meets those needs. The City also recognizes that there are some residents that have no desire to move and are content with the conditions associated with living in the APZs.

The needs assessment confirmed for us that many of the residential units in this area are manufactured homes that are not conducive to sound mitigation. Also, many are in such a state of disrepair, or just so old, that they cannot be moved to a new location, as they do not meet current standards. Others can be moved to a new location, if one is available. And finally, some residents currently in manufactured homes would like a different type of housing.

Optimally, this project will reduce the residential density in the FAFB APZ to no more than 2-units per acre. No residents will be forced to move out of the area by the City. Airway Heights and its many partners recognize that some residents in the area will not deisre to move for a variety of reasons. 

The new residential properties being developed will be designed to meet the needs of the residents in the area. The rental rates or mortgages on the new units will be comparable in cost to what residents currently pay, and may even cost less due to the units being more energy effecient, and therefor having lower utility bills.

Below are some informational links, and be sure to check back periodically for updates as the project proceeds.


   January 30, 2012                        April 19, 2012                      July 7, 2012
   February 27, 2012                       May 21, 2012                      August 22, 2012                    
   March 19, 2012                            June18, 2012                     October 9, 2012 




For more information, or to submit a request for one of our housing partners to contact you, please click here for a contact form.

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